Working Together to Improve Birth Outcomes for Black Mothers in Dane County

We make your ideas
a reality

Organize Our Community to

Improve Birth and Quality

Engage and Empower

Create Systemic Change

of Life Outcomes

Black Women and Families

We empower and support Black women and birthing people to secure birth equity for ourselves.


Community voices of  expertise identify and reframe the current conversation


Education and resources around local efforts concerning Black maternal  and child health


Community-led efforts to improve the full spectrum of well-being for Black mothers and families.


Our mission is to transform birth outcomes in Dane County by identifying, informing and advancing strategies that improve the reproductive, maternal and newborn health of Dane County’s Black population.

“Nothing about us without  us.”

Community voices and experiences inform solutions, decisions and actions.

Engage and empower Black women and families in Dane County to advocate for and secure birth  equity and the resources needed to achieve it.

Formulate and advocate for system and environmental policy changes that achieve improved birth and quality of life outcomes for Black mothers, babies and families.

Educate and involve the community in creating and implementing solutions that improve the health of Black mothers, children and families.

Engage partners in creating tangible solutions and  accountable measures that advance Black Maternal and Child Health.


Black women and families will be empowered and supported as the experts, leaders and change agents in solving the challenges we face.

Who We Are

Our 21-member body is comprised of local Black women leaders, advocates, and community influencers.

“The Black Maternal & Child Health Alliance is comprised of Black women serving in important roles in health care, our community, and as decision-makers and knowledge experts. Our highest priority is to ensure that the health and well-being of Black mothers remains front and center."

Co-Chairs Green and peyton

“We are excited by the collective work we have done and continue to do to drive change in Dane County that advances the health and well-being of Black women and our families and community."

Lisa-Peyton Caire | CEO and President of the Foundation for Black Women’s Wellness